Incident Response Service

If you have a claim, Cyber Insure protects your business by offering ReSecure, an incident response solution which provides the necessary services you will need to deal with a cyber incident.

The benefits of the service include:

  • 24/7 service to ensure that someone is always available to respond to your incident
  • A lawyer led approach to protect you against legal or regulatory issues arising from an incident
  • Expert technical assistance and IT forensics support from market leading professionals
  • Media/public relations support for incidents which are in the media or where other stakeholders need careful handling
  • The ability to conduct mass notification services and provide credit monitoring to affected individuals

The ReSecure package is provided by RPC (law firm), with STORM Guidance (technical consultancy), LGC (technical forensics), Mattison Public Relations (PR) and Experian (credit monitoring and notification services). This solution is provided to policyholders, subject to policy terms and conditions and any policy deductible.